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A look into the future of Art based education! -JeyamsArtOoSphere

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Art-based education is becoming more and more important for children to learn. The arts are a very important part of the learning process for all students. Art allows students to express themselves, which in turn helps them grow as individuals.

Some people think that arts should be integrated into other areas of learning (like history, math, and science). Do you agree or disagree with this?

Art is important in other areas of learning. It can be used to teach other subjects in a different way than they are taught. For example, art can be used to teach math and science,

and history.

Can you think of any other advantages of studying the arts?

When you study the arts, you are practicing a form of self-expression. When we create something, it is our own personal statement on the world and how we see it. This can be a great way to learn about yourself and what makes you unique. When learning about history through art, it is easy for students to feel like the past was somehow more civilized or sophisticated than today’s society. They may feel that people from long ago were somehow closer to nature or had more time for leisure activities like reading books or playing sports because they didn’t have as much pressure from technology or economic pressures in general that seem so prevalent today.

The arts are an important part of education.

The arts are an important part of education. In fact, the creative and performing arts are often considered a fundamental part of a well-rounded education. They can help you express yourself and learn about the world around you. And they can help you explore your own emotions, or develop empathy for others by understanding how they think and feel. The arts are an excellent way to learn about yourself too—for example, playing music may improve your coordination and focus, or writing poetry may help with communication skills like listening carefully or not interrupting people when they're speaking (which is something we all struggle with sometimes).


Art-based education is very important during the development of students. It allows them to express themselves in creative ways, which can have a positive impact on their lives.

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