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Things you might not know about Practical Learning!

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Practical learning is the most effective way of teaching. It develops students’ interest in studies, which results in a student being more motivated to learn. Students who are motivated learn better and faster than those who are not motivated. In addition, students who are motivated are more likely to remember what they have learned, as well as understand what they have learned. Students can relate to their curriculum in a better way. They can understand the concepts better and even solve problems that incorporate those concepts. Students will be able to relate the material they are learning back to real-world applications.

Practical learning develops a deeper understanding of the concept.

When you understand a concept, it helps you to understand the theory behind it. It also gives you the ability to apply your knowledge and use it in practice. The more complex a concept is, the more practice it needs to be understood and applied successfully. Practical learning on its own builds an understanding of how things work in practice, but without theoretical knowledge, this can lead to misunderstandings that may affect how well your practical skills can be used in different situations. A good example of this is when someone performs CPR on someone who has been injured by an accident or other incident (for example). This person could perform CPR incorrectly because they haven't been taught properly how to do so—in fact, they might even injure them further! However, if they had received proper training beforehand then maybe there wouldn't have been any issues at all.

When we learn by doing it, we remember it for a lifetime

When we learn by doing it, we remember it for a lifetime. Learning by doing is more effective than learning by listening. Learning by doing is more memorable than learning by listening. Learning by doing is more enjoyable than learning by listening. Learning by doing is more practical than learning through listening to someone else's class or lecture or reading from a book.


Practical learning should be a key part of every student's education, and with the proper support from their teachers and administrators, students can get the most out of these activities and reach new heights in their educational journey.

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