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As a highly acclaimed Art School, we educate students with the skills and experience they need to excel in the art zone. Start building the future of your dreams.


Tell me, I'll forget..

Show me, I may remember...

Involve me, I'll learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

Involve yourself in the field of art. 

We think. We question. We create. We design. We struggle. We collaborate. We try. We solve. We invent. We reflect. We learn. We TEACH.

Be it Dance, Drawing, Vocal Music, Musical instruments, Theatre or Personality development we will be the one-stop site for all your learning mandates!



Mirudula Ayyapan- My sister and co-founder of Jeyam’s Art’Oosphere, She was my first-ever student. Like myself, she also started to develop a passion for Dance, and together we would practice the Art of Freestyle dancing. She is a free-style dance instructor. As we grew older, we conducted after-school classes for the children from our apartment. It included school lessons, drawing, and other creative school projects.

We said this to each other “You are going the right way towards success when there are obstacles to overcome”

Our journey was not an easy ride. There were a lot of moments that tested our commitment to this project. We found a majority of people pushing Arts to the hobby arena and thus not to be taken seriously. Often we were advised to tone our passion down and focus only on academics. Yet, we firmly believed that both Art and Academics require equal importance. And, our goal was to educate everyone on this. We started with our immediate circles, then our apartment society, and developed our way up to educating people from our locality – Old Washermenpet. We finally inaugurated our dream in 2019. An Art Academy built to promote our beliefs. To bring many artists into this world and help them reach exceptional heights in the industry. We adopt a personalized style of teaching which incorporates both the traditional and modern approaches to Art.  

We welcome minds from all walks of life and nurture them artistically. The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke. At Art’OoSphere we do everything with a wide vision and provide a non-judgmental platform. We proudly inaugurate ourselves with the term “One and only” as we are the first Art school with a whole new initiative program for arts education running successfully in north Chennai with an ISO quality management certification. Our core curriculum is designed by us having in mind that our generation needs traditional learning with a modern touch. We also encourage grade-wise examination and periodic exposure programs.

I am Joshica Ayyapan, Founder and Artistic Director of Art'OoSphere. My passion for Art had started as I stepped into my early childhood. From the first moment, I heard a beat. The first time I learned to put together an itsy-bitsy step for a rhythm. As I grew older, I fell deeper in love with Art. I was drawn to all sorts of Art forms because they allowed me to express myself. I began to learn them all as I understood that the key was to grab every opportunity that presented itself – in the form of School or Family events, programs conducted in our locality, and my college.

I received a lot of support from my loving family but the motivation was always from within. I started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 5. It was all I could think about day and night. And at the age of 7, I ran straight home after my dance class to tell my mom that I will teach Bharatanatyam when I’m all grown up like her. 

Even during my early schooling days, as I actively participated in events I observed my fellow participants and was able to appreciate their uniqueness.

Founder's Note:


Mirudula Ayyappan,

Joshica's dream was to start an art school and now it's no more a dream. We always wanted to give her the best of all, more than us she always tried to become the best in everything. She doesn't have a substitute. No one can ever see anyone with her qualities. From running a normal dance and drawing class at home for 5 children to running a school with more than 300 children is an achievement. This school is now our life. We have given everything we have, for the improvement of this school, our time, knowledge, wealth, and much more to flourish in our society.


Sujatha Ayyappan,
Academic Head

I believe we justify the following statement at Artoosphere, "A teacher acts as a guide who can take the child forward and help them to achieve everything that they dreamt of achieving. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds."


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Suvedha Baskar,

Dance your soul out, and don't worry about perfection it comes any day in the future. All you need is to be happy and enjoy yourselves whenever you're dancing. And I feel blessed to teach dance at a place where they respect and cherish every form of art equally - Artoosphere.


Yamini D,

I learn along with my students. Making kids draw different things not only teaches the kid how to draw but also teaches the kids to explore new things in the world and importantly it provides mindfulness.

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Vivitha R,

“ Teaching makes me learn new things everyday. Teaching with whole heart makes me happy and sharing what I know makes me even more happier. Making my students learn in their own way but not in a way the world wants.”

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