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Art'OoSphere, a Haven for Artistic Expression

Art'OoSphere is not merely an art school; it's a catalyst for artistic metamorphosis. We are a prestigious institution dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit within individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Here, under the tutelage of renowned instructors, you'll acquire the exquisite skillset and invaluable experience necessary to thrive in the vibrant world of art.
Benjamin Franklin once proclaimed, "Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I understand." At Art'OoSphere, we translate this philosophy into practice. We foster a dynamic learning environment that transcends mere instruction. We immerse you in the artistic process, fostering exploration, collaboration, and self-discovery.Whether your passion lies in the graceful movements of dance, the intricate strokes of drawing, the evocative power of music, the captivating world of theatre, or the refinement of your personal presence, Art'OoSphere offers a comprehensive curriculum to cater to your specific artistic aspirations. We are your one-stop destination for igniting your creative spark and blossoming into a well-rounded artist.

Insights from the Team


Art'OoSphere: Where Passion Meets Education

At Art'OoSphere, we believe art is more than just a hobby. It's a powerful form of expression that can enrich lives and shape futures. Our story began with a shared passion for dance – a passion that ignited in Joshica at a young age. From the rhythm of a beat to the grace of movement, art became a constant source of inspiration. This passion grew stronger with every step, leading Joshica to explore various art forms and the desire to share this love with others.

Mirudula, Joshica's sister and fellow art enthusiast, joined this journey as the first student. Together, they honed their skills in freestyle dance and even conducted after-school classes for children in their community. These classes offered a unique blend of academics, creative projects, and artistic exploration.

Our journey wasn't always smooth. We faced discouragement, with many prioritizing academics over artistic pursuits. But we firmly believed in the power of a balanced approach, where art and academics could co-exist and empower individuals.

Fueled by this conviction, we embarked on a mission to educate our community about the importance of art. We started small, sharing our knowledge with family and friends, then expanding to our apartment society and eventually reaching the wider community of Old Washermenpet.

In 2019, our dream came to life: Art'OoSphere, an art academy built to nurture artistic talent and empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We embrace a personalized teaching style that blends traditional and modern approaches, ensuring a well-rounded artistic experience.


At Art'OoSphere, we strive to:

  • Cultivate a love for art in our students.

  • Provide a platform for artistic expression and exploration.

  • Empower individuals to reach their full artistic potential.

  • Bridge the gap between traditional and modern art forms.

  • Foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

We are the first art school in North Chennai with a unique initiative program for arts education, and we're proud to be ISO certified, ICPEM affiliated, NSDC deemed ready, ECA-APER member. Our curriculum is designed keeping the needs of the modern generation in mind, incorporating both traditional learning and a contemporary twist. We also encourage students to participate in graded examinations and exposure programs to broaden their artistic horizons.

Join us at Art'OoSphere and embark on your own artistic journey!

Mirudula Ayyappan,

Joshica's dream was to start an art school and now it's no more a dream. We always wanted to give her the best of all, more than us she always tried to become the best in everything. She doesn't have a substitute. No one can ever see anyone with her qualities. From running a normal dance and drawing class at home for 5 children to running a school with more than 300 children is an achievement. This school is now our life. We have given everything we have, for the improvement of this school, our time, knowledge, wealth, and much more to flourish in our society.

Sujatha Ayyappan,
Academic Head

I believe we justify the following statement at Artoosphere, "A teacher acts as a guide who can take the child forward and help them to achieve everything that they dreamt of achieving. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds."

Suvedha Baskar,

Dance your soul out, and don't worry about perfection it comes any day in the future. All you need is to be happy and enjoy yourselves whenever you're dancing. And I feel blessed to teach dance at a place where they respect and cherish every form of art equally - Artoosphere.

Yamini D,

I learn along with my students. Making kids draw different things not only teaches the kid how to draw but also teaches the kids to explore new things in the world and importantly it provides mindfulness.

Vivitha R,

“ Teaching makes me learn new things everyday. Teaching with whole heart makes me happy and sharing what I know makes me even more happier. Making my students learn in their own way but not in a way the world wants.”



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